Branch OrganizationID Reference

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Mike Fields

Branch OrganizationID Reference

Custom > ~Profile Reference Tables > Branch OrganizationID Reference

Displays organization information including the organization id (sometimes referred to as branch codes) for the selected library and its branches. Many reports or tools will work with the library or branch organization ID number. Please consult documentation for the report or tool for more information on which ID number is required.

Organization ID numbers are assigned to each branch within Polaris. There may be times when you need to refer to a branch location via its ID number when searching in the Find tool or running a particular report.

Polaris organizations are structured like this:

  • System
  • Library
    - Branch
    - Branch

In the example:

  • CLC = Org ID #1
  • Fairfield County = Org ID #8 (this is the library ID)
    - Fairfield County Main Library = Org ID #9
    - Fairfield County Johns Branch = Org ID #10

Sample report output (patron information is redacted)

keywords: branch codes, location id, shipping codes