Polaris Reports Primer

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Wes Osborn

If you’re new to Polaris reporting, the list below will give you an idea of some of the basic / common reports that other libraries in the consortium run. We’ve made this post a wiki, so anyone can click on the edit icon (at the bottom of the post) to add their own details about reports that they run.

Before adding a new report, please search for and copy the link to the Report Definition on Discourse. Thanks to @shoffman for your help in getting this topic started.

If you’d like more information on running reports in reporting services, please see our primer on SSRS (SharePoint).

Daily basis

Printed notices (also run daily)

  • Billing Z fold mailer

Weekly basis

  • Holds request Z fold mailer – hold notifications by mail

Monthly basis

  • Patron services
  • Telephone delivery failure report
  • Text delivery failure report


  • Claimed items