Local Item Circulation by Collection

by-library, circulation, by-branch

Mike Fields

Local Item Circulation by Collection

CLICK THE BLUE PATH LINK TO RUN THE REPORT: Custom > Custom > ~Patron Services > Local Item Circulation by Collection

This report will only work correctly when run in the SSRS web interface (see above link)

Displays circulation at the selected library’s branches for that library’s (includes ALL of their branches) patrons and items only, grouped by collection. There is a table at the end with the grand totals for each collection. Also includes an optional collection filter to only display stats for specific collections.

Please Note: The date parameters are date only and are treated as having a time of midnight, so to include a day you’ll need to pick the next day. For example, to run the report for a specific month you’d pick the first day of that month and the first day of the next month, like so: 1/1/2017 and 2/1/2017.

Sample report output (patron information is redacted)