Serial Circulation by Designation Report

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Debbie Wittkop

Serial Circulation by Designation

CLICK THE BLUE PATH LINK TO RUN THE REPORT: Polaris → Custom → Patron Services → Serial Circulation by Designation

Choosing a begin and end date and assigning a location, this report will show “by designation” in Serials Holding Records how many circs each individual issue has for the given time period. To get data on this report for your library, you must be using the serials module in Polaris. If you run the report and the results are blank, then you are probably not using the serials module.

Local circs will include CKOs by patrons registered at all of your branches, not just the one you run the report for. The Libraries that own column includes the number of other consortium libraries (not branches) that have item records for that title. This consortial count includes any other consortium libraries that have items attached to the same bib control number that the serials holdings record points to, not just libraries that are using the serials module.

Note: This report does NOT show circulation information if the serials ITEM records have been DELETED.

Sample report output (patron information is redacted)