Titles with Multiple Copies

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Wes Osborn

Titles with Multiple Copies

CLICK THE BLUE PATH LINK TO RUN THE REPORT: Polaris -> Custom -> ~Tech Services -> Titles with Multiple Copies

Shows titles that have more than the specific number of copies attached to it for the branch selected. The report output can also be filtered/limited to only titles that belong to a specific Type of Material (reminder, ToMs are NOT item level material types).

If you select multiple branches, then ONLY the titles that had duplicates at those two branches would show up as duplicates.

Items with the following circulation statuses are excluded from the report:

  • Lost
  • Claim Returned
  • Claim Never Had
  • Missing
  • Withdrawn
  • Being Repaired
  • Unavailable

keywords: weeding, grubby

Sample report output (patron information is redacted)

Shahin Shoar

Would be very helpful if Bluray were listed as a material type. At least I did not see it. Thanks!

Wes Osborn

Sorry, that isn’t one of the item* material types in the system. If others would find it helpful, we might be able to switch to collection codes, but there would be several hundred codes for people to choose from if we went that route.

*Note: Confusingly BluRay IS a type of material, but those are bib level distinctions, they’re not set at the item level. We may be able to switch this report to using type of material instead of item level filtering, but we’d want feedback from others before going down that route. Specifically @mkruse who originally requested this report.

Mary Kruse

I would be OK with using bib level TOMs for filtering.

Wes Osborn

This report has now been updated to filter on bib level Types of Material rather than item level material types.