Patrons With Problem Email Addresses

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Kelly Hock

Patrons With Problem Email Addresses

CLICK THE BLUE PATH LINK TO RUN THE REPORT: Home–>Polaris–>Custom–>~Patron Services–>Patrons With Problem Email Addresses

This report provides a list of patrons with email addresses that do not use the accepted format for emails in Polaris. This report does NOT include bounced emails.

Steps for resolving the invalid email:

  • Open the patron account and remove the patron’s invalid email address.
    • If the issue with the email is an incorrect character, such as a comma instead of a period, you can update the email instead of removing it. Our custom email notice process will automatically strip the email and assign another notification method if the email is still invalid.
  • Add a blocking note asking the patron to provide a valid email
  • Change the notification method to either Phone or Mail
    • If the patron has a phone number listed, it will appear on the report.

Sample report output (patron information is redacted)