Physical CKO Patrons by Day of Week by Hour

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Mike Fields

Physical CKO Patrons by Day of Week by Hour

CLICK THE BLUE PATH LINK TO RUN THE REPORT: Custom > ~Statistical Reports > Physical CKO Patrons by Day of Week by Hour

Displays a count of patrons performing first time checkouts of physical items at the selected branches broken down by Day of Week and Hour of Day. If a particular day of week or hour doesn’t show up it’s because no checkouts happened during that time period.

Sample report output (patron information is redacted)

Doug Gurney

Thanks, this is really useful.
A couple things that caused minor confusion here: The averages for individual hours are not reflecting the shown data. It appears to be using a 7 day week even if there is no data for a day in that period. This will give lower numbers that what the actual average would be. As an example in the above table, the 10-11 hour average is shown as 6, but the total divided by the number of days per week shown would be 8 (rounded down).

The chart numbers are also totals for the day/hour over the set period and not what to expect on a given day. In the same example, there were 4 Mondays in that period, so the total for all the Mondays 10-11 was 9, meaning a typical Monday 10-11 am would have approx. 2 checkouts.

Thanks again for making this info really easy to find.