Unmatched Barcode Format for Patron Accounts

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Wes Osborn

Unmatched Barcode Format for Patron Accounts

CLICK THE BLUE PATH LINK TO RUN THE REPORT: Custom → ~Patron Services → Unmatched Barcode Format for Patron Accounts

The purpose of this report is to show any patron accounts registered at a library, but the starting barcode format doesn’t match that of the registered library.

  • Library: Patrons are registered at branches within this library
  • barcode starting digits: Show any patron accounts where the barcodes do NOT match this starting format. For example, putting in 2000, would return patron accounts that started with: 2100, 2200, 3000, etc.
  • excluded patron codes: Used if there are any barcodes that are known not to match the library’s format. For example, SearchOhio barcodes always start with INNREACH. If you select additional patron codes, these patron codes will be totally excluded from the report.

If you’d like to use the output of this report to create a record set, follow these instructions.

Sample report output (patron information is redacted)