The information on this site is from the Central Library Consortium's Internal Polaris ILS Report documentation. There are report definitions and samples for more than 100 canned and custom Polaris reports. Some of the links on the site will only work if you are a CLC member library. If you have questions about information on this site, please contact the CLC.

Note: Many of the reports on this page are custom reports built by the CLC. If you are interested in the code for any of these custom reports, use the contact link above to get in touch with us. Please include the URL and title of the report to help expedite your request.

Report Definition List

COVID-19 Daily Pull List Report

holds, polaris-reports

Patrons With Problem Email Addresses

notices, patron-services, polaris-reports

Gender Options for Organization

polaris-reports, profile-reference

Titles with Multiple Copies

bib-record, item-record, polaris-reports, statistics

Serials Holdings Records with no Attached Items

by-branch, polaris, polaris-reports, serials, tech-services

Print/Export Patron Record Set

polaris-reports, record-sets

Print/Export Item Record Set

polaris-reports, record-sets

Print/Export Bibliographic Record Set

polaris-reports, record-sets

Enabled Collections by Branch

by-branch, polaris-reports, tech-services

Item History


Users with SimplyReports Access

permissions, polaris-reports

Holds Ratio Report

by-library, collection-dev, polaris-reports, tech-services

Barcode Range Patron Counts

by-system, patron-services, polaris-reports, profile-reference

Pickup Location Reference

polaris-reports, profile-reference

Patron Transaction History for Last X Days

patron-services, polaris-reports

Statistical Summary

by-branch, circulation, financial, polaris-reports

Auto-Login Disabled Workstations

by-system, desktop-client, polaris, polaris-reports

Filter Bibs by Leader 006 007 008

bib-record, polaris-reports

Loan Limits Higher than Full Access

by-branch, polaris-reports

Last Use Patron for Deleted Item

item-record, polaris-reports

Favorite Author Subscription Stats


Lost Items

by-branch, polaris-reports

InnReach Circulation Stats

polaris-reports, searchohio

Combined Unclaimed Holds and ILL List

by-branch, polaris-reports

Local Item Circulation by Collection

by-branch, by-library, circulation, polaris-reports

INN-Reach Borrowing Received Too Long Excluding Lost

polaris-reports, searchohio

Material Type Group Reference

by-library, polaris-reports, profile-reference

List of User Names in Polaris Permission Group

by-system, polaris-reports, profile-reference

Unable to load reports through web browser "Access denied"

desktop-client, polaris-reports

Override Assignment Reference

by-library, polaris-reports, profile-reference