The information on this site is from the Central Library Consortium's Internal Polaris ILS Report documentation. There are report definitions and samples for more than 100 canned and custom Polaris reports. Some of the links on the site will only work if you are a CLC member library. If you have questions about information on this site, please contact the CLC.

Note: Many of the reports on this page are custom reports built by the CLC. If you are interested in the code for any of these custom reports, use the contact link above to get in touch with us. Please include the URL and title of the report to help expedite your request.

Report Definition List

Polaris Reports Primer


About the Report Definitions category

Branch Summary


Deleted Item Transaction History


Financial Transaction Summary by Fee Reason

financial, circulation

Lost Item Recovery Settings


Serial Circulation by Designation Report

serials, by-branch

Returned Lost and Paid Items


Bibs with Holds and Missing Items


Turnover Rate by Dewey Class


Local Circ for Record Set

Local Item Circulation by Collection

by-branch, circulation, by-library

Patron Hold Request Counts


Material Type Group Reference

profile-reference, by-library

Loan Period Codes

profile-reference, by-library

Fine Codes

profile-reference, by-library

Collection Groups by Collection

Collection Groups by Collection Group

Patron Loan Limits


Loan and Hold Limit Reference

profile-reference, by-branch

Patron Billing Statement by Patron Barcode


Telephone Notices for Today

Shared Patron Patron Usage Stats

patron-services, by-library

True Fiscal Year Rollover Amounts

Holds Alert Report by Library

patron-services, by-library

Holds alert report by branch

collection-dev, by-branch

Barcode Range Patron Counts

profile-reference, by-system, patron-services

Item Circulation Statistics

by-branch, circulation, patron-services

Item History


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