The information on this site is from the Central Library Consortium's Internal Polaris ILS Report documentation. There are report definitions and samples for more than 100 canned and custom Polaris reports. Some of the links on the site will only work if you are a CLC member library. If you have questions about information on this site, please contact the CLC.

Note: Many of the reports on this page are custom reports built by the CLC. If you are interested in the code for any of these custom reports, use the contact link above to get in touch with us. Please include the URL and title of the report to help expedite your request.

Report Definition List

Using date parameters in the SSRS web interface


Polaris Reports Primer

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About the Report Definitions category


Branch OrganizationID Reference

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Missing Items

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Top Circulating Authors by Branch

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Other Items By Barcode

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Invoice export report for Software Solutions / VIP Accounting


Percent Checked Out Location Heat Map

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Item Processing Time

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Current Patron Checkouts by Patron Code

Item Circulation By Item Statistical Code

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Turnover Rate

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Patron Credit Details

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SIP Port Number Information

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Serial Circulation

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Patrons with Account Credits

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Patron Cross Borrowing

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Enabled Workstations

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Top Circulating Authors

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Admin Attribute Setting Value for Branches

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Bibs with Holds but No Items

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High Circulation Report

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Override Assignment Reference

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Self-Registered Patrons without Self-Registered Barcodes

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Item History

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Claimed Items

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Pickup Locker Stats

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Local vs System Circulation

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Local Item Circulation by Item Record

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